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After winning against 28-years-old New Zealander Marina Erakovic from Split at the beginning of the WTA tournament in Stanford, in the 2nd round Ana defeated the 20-years-old Russian Natalia Vikhlyantseva, the 65th world tennis player with 7: 5 and 6: 4.

In the fifth game of the first set, Ana broke Vikhlyantseva's service, which she returned in the next game. Ana had a new break chance in the seventh game as well as Vikhlyantseva in the eighth game. In eleventh game though, Ana secured two break opportunities and took advantage of the first and broke her rival's serve for the second time. Then she served for the set. In that twelfth game of the first set, after not using two set points, Ana had to save the break point. Then she had a new, third set point, which she did not use, and then had to save the break point again. Finally she took advantage of the new, fourth set point.

In the second set, the Russian took 2: 0. She made a break in the second game. Ana returned in the next, third game, and in the seventh game for the second time in the second set, and the fourth time in the match, she once again broke Vikhlyantseva's service.

" It was a good match. I did not expect to play as well since my training before the match was not good. That's why I'm even more happy, "said Ana, who is the fifth seed of Stanford.

In the quarter-finals, she will play against the winner of the match between this year's Wimbledon winner, 23-year-old Spanish Garbine Muguruza, who is the first seed of the tournament and the 17-year-old American Kayla Day, 129th in the world.

" I'll be back on the court on Friday. Muguruza's 2nd round match is on Thursday, August 3rd", said Ana, who is ranked 20th on the WTA world list from Monday, July 31st.


Ana won in the 1st round of the WTA tournament in Stanford playing on a hard court. The 28-year-old, New Zealander, Marina Erakovic, who comes from Split, after losing first set with 6: 3 and the first game of the second set, handed Ana the match.

"I did not expect her to hand me the match, it was all over soon, in 50 minutes. As far as my game is concerned, it was okay for the 1st round after the break. There were a few more mistakes because I wanted to be more aggressive. And I tried to play better returns and that was good. I'm sorry to hear Marina had to retire due to the injury" - Ana Konjuh commented at the start of the American tour. She is now among the TOP 20 tennis players in the world, her best ranking so far.

Since Madison Keys did not defend her points last week, she dropped out of the TOP 20 and Ana, although she did not play (the last match was in Wimbledon's 4th round), and made one step forward from the 21st place.

Ana still does not know who she will play in the second round of the Stanford tournament. It will be the winner from the match between 20-year-old Russian Natalia Vikhlyantseva, who is the 65th world tennis player and Danielle Lao from the United States, a qualifier, who is in 230th place.

"The next match I play will be on Wednesday," added Ana, the fifth seed of the tournament. The first seed is the fourth tennis player on the WTA rank list, Wimbledon winner, 23-year-old Spanish Garbine Muguruza. Ana could play against her in the quarter-finals.


We would have to dig deeply in the history of Wimbledon, to find the answer to the question of who before has managed to enter the second week of the same grand slam tournament in all three categories (single, double and mixed pairs). We assume there were such players in the history of women's tennis. The name of Martina Navratilova is the first to come to mind, and to the list of such great players has now been added Ana Konjuh!

The Dubrovnik tennis player has won all seven matches in the first week at Wimbledon! She opened it with the victory against Sabine Lisicki, who played in the Wimbledon final in 2013, once in the semifinals and three more times in the quarterfinal on the All England Club's grass courts. She concluded the week with a victory in the mixed pairs competition with Nikola Metkic against the eighth seeds, Hao Ching Chan from Taiwan and Dutch Jean Julien Rojer, who won Roland Garros in 2014 in the mixed pairs and in 2015 Wimbledon in Men's Couples!

Between these two wins Ana "sent home" Irina Begu and Dominika Cibulkova in the singles competition. With a total of three wins in the singles for the first time at Wimbledon she reached the 4th round where she will play the great, legendary Venus Williams, whose first appearance in the Main Event of the world's most prestigious tennis tournament happened before Ana was even born! In both the women's doubles and in the mixed doubles, Ana scored two wins and in each tournament is now among the top 16.

In all three tournaments she defeated the seeds, and those next to whose name is just one digit. Cibulkova was the eighth seed, Srebotnik and Spears were the sixth women's double seeds, and now eight seeds of the mixed pairs, Chan and Rojer.


"It was a tough match. Exactly what I expected. Cibulkova returns a lot of balls and I needed to work hard for each point". Ana said after the match, winning with 7:6 (3), 3:6 and 6:4 against the ninth world tennis player and eighth Wimbledon seed, the Slovakian Dominika Cibulkova and going through to the 4th round of the world's most prestigious tennis tournament.

Ana took the first set after losing 1:5 and 5:6.

"How I managed to come back in the first set, I don't know myself. I changed my racket. After that everything was great in that first set. Later she caught the her rhythm again. She did not make any mistakes and I was hitting slightly uncontrolled shots and the second set went to her. I started well in the third set and that was crucial to win".

Cibulkova opened the first two sets with two breaks. In the third set, Ana managed that to lead 4:0.

"Yes, just that I've been able to make up for it in the first set, and she wasn't able to in the third. That's the difference." - she smiled afterwards.

For Ana this is not the first time she has played in the second week of Wimbledon. Not counting two years in the junior competition, when she played the first doubles finals and a year after the singles semi-finals. Two years ago she played in the mixed doubles with Marin Draganja and has played on the second Monday of the tournament at the All England Club.

"Yes, I'm happy now, because I did it in the singles too."

Six Croatian players have already entered the second week, two in a single competition, Ana and Marin Čilić (we are waiting tomorrow for Petra Martić to succeed), and a further four in the doubles competition. Never before were there more Croatian tennis players in the second week, and there might be even more.

"Yes,  I know about the other Croatian players. The men in the doubles are very good. We have become specialists in the doubles. Željko Krajan, (Ana's coach and the Davis Cup national team's coach) will have problems with the national team selection."

This is the fourth time Ana has played in the Wimbledon Main Event. Her first appearance, which she won through qualifying, was in 2014. Then she played in the 3rd round in the match with the Dane Caroline Wozniacki, former number one, but she was not able to progress to the fourth round, unlike now.

"I remember that match with Wozniacki. For the first time in the Wimbledon Main Event and for the first time in the 3rd round. I lost, but I gained experience. With each match I learn and that experience has now helped me against Cibulkova too. I want to continue this way."

For three days in a row, Ana returns for the loss in the past. To Irina Begu on Wednesday for the defeat from the two years ago at Roland Garros, to American Abigail Spears for the defeat at Wimbledon in 2015 and in today's second attempt to get to the 4th round, she returned to Dominika Cibulkova for the defeat in Paris last year.

"Haha, all those who defeated me before should be careful now ... I'm just kidding! I never think that way about the match, it is not about getting your own back. The most important thing is for me to play my game, which I succeeded with against Lisicki, a little bit less against Begu and then again against Cibulkova when I needed it the most. You know, I did not have an easy draw at Wimbledon, however, grass is my favourite surface. I feel good playing here. Also I'm healthy and in good shape. I have no problems and I can hardly wait to continue playing. It may be an even better result in the end."

There are more and more fans who shout Ana's name from the audience. They give her a lot of support.

"It was very nice against Cibulkova. True, I was surprised because more people supported me than her. Sometimes it raises you, sometimes it does the opposite. However, regardless of the atmosphere in the audience, the match is was matters and what a player should concentrate on most. Everything around you, you try to 'shut down'. Now, against Cibulkova the problem was that I heard a judge from another field better than our judge."

She thanked everyone at the end of the game for their support. The spectators awarded her with long-lasting applause after her win. The first to congratulate her for her second TOP 10 win in her career and the second victory in the 3rd round of a Grand Slam tournament, were her parents father Mario and mother Iris. After leaving the locker room, she stopped briefly in the restaurant. Again she took a racket and with Nikola Mektić played her 1st mixed pairs match. When they told her she had to sit down with Nikola and talk about the strategy of the game before the match she joked and said "Who did ever prepare for the match? I do not do it for singles either."

On the way to the court, she stopped for a moment in front of TV screen where the match on the court no 1 was being played between Venus Williams and Naomi Osake. The winner of the match will be Ana's rival in the 4th round.

"I have not played Venus before, though with Osaka I did, but it is as if I didn't. She handed over the match to me, so I do not count it for real." she said and moved on. While playing with Mektić in the mixed pairs category on the court number seven, five-times Wimbledon winner on court number one broke 19-year-old Osaka's resistance. So on Monday, July 10, at Wimbledon: Ana Konjuh vs Venus Williams!

Tonči Vlašić/Dubrovački vjesnik


Ana has achieved a new win at Wimbledon, in the women's doubles. She entered the top 16. In women's doubles Ana will play for the first time in the second week of a Grand Slam tournament, which is her greatest achievement. Two years ago, she managed that at Wimbledon in mixed doubles with Marin Draganja. After she defeated Dominika Cibulkova, the eighth seed of the tournament and the ninth tennis player of the world, she entered the second week of a grand slam in the singles competition for the second time in her career, and for the first time in Wimbledon.

In the third decisive set of the second round of the women's double tournament, Brazilian Beatriz Haddad Maia and Ana defeated Spanish Lara Arrubarrena Vecino and Arantx Parra Santonja with 6: 0 on the grass of the world's most prestigious tennis tournament.

With three singles wins Ana entered the fourth round which is scheduled for Monday, July 10th, and will play five-time winner, American Venus Williams. Then there are two victories with Haddad Maia in the women's doubles tournament and one victory in mixed doubles tournament with Nikola Mektić with whom she will play just an hour or two after she has defeated the Spanish ladies with Haddad Maia in one hour and 34 minutes with 2:1 in sets (6:4, 4:6 and 6:0).

Interestingly, this match was scheduled to be the second match on court number seven where she plays with Mektić in the fourth scheduled, last match of the day. Ana and Nikola's rivals in the mixed doubles are the eighth seeds, the Dutchman Jean Julien Rojer and the Taiwanese Hao Ching Chan, who together with Romanian Monica Niculescu will play Ana and Beatriz in the eighth round of women's doubles where Chan and Niculescu are ninth seeds.