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Ana failed to win this week's WTA tournament semi-finals in Spain. She entered the top four on S-Hertogenbosch's grass courts, but in Mallorca she lost in quarter-finals to the second seed, 19th world tennis player Anastasiya Sevastova with 2:1 in sets, and in the decisive third set with 7:5 in tie break after two hours and 19 minutes of play.

Ana had a difficult match at the start of the tournament in Spain against Tunisian Ons Jauber. "I do not even know how I managed to win this" she admitted. In all three sets, she was catching up, in two sets she managed that and won. Then she waited all day to find out who she was playing next before finding out it was the returnee Belarusian Victoria Azarenka, former number one and double winner of the Australian Open. In this match, however, Ana was convincing. "It was my day" she said. "I did a great job, and my service was great" she added. The day after the victory against Azarenka, the match against Sevastova was scheduled.

Against the second seed, Ana lost the first set after leading with 4:1, then 5:4, and in the tenth game three set points in a row during Sevastova's service. Then when the first set was lost (5:7), the second set was great. It confirms the result of 6:1 for Ana. In the third decisive set after 3:3 without a break, we witnessed 4 breaks in a row. Ana was the first to make a break and Sevastova was forced to catch up. Ana had the lead again, as in the first set, 5:4, but this time she served for the match and failed. Sevastova won the next, eleventh game. Ana won the twelfth game and a tie break was played. Sevastova served first. 1:0, then 2:1, 4:2, 6:4. Ana saved the first match point, but not the second one. Ana played a very good match. She was attacking and made far more winners than Sevastova, who was serving well only at the end. Little was missing from the 19-year-old from Dubrovnik's new victory.

With the S-Hertogenbosch semi-finals, Ana returned to the 28th place in the world rankings, which was her best career ranking. She now has two wins at the Mallorca Open and has kept her position with the quarter-finals match.